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Euro Dance
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SKY.fm welcomes you to our Love Music channel. The Love Music channel features all the well known love songs and also some unknown ones.
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Vocal Trance
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Welcome to Top Hits at SKY.fm where chartbusters of today shine 24 hours a day. Top Hits at SKY.fm encompasses a wide range of today’s hits from Madonna and Mariah Carey, to Coldplay, and much more.
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The 80’s represents a decade filled with New Wave, the emergence of Pop music, and your classic 80’s John Hughes movies with unforgettable soundtracks.
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Dj Mixes
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This channel genre can definitely speak for itself - if you like New Age then you must check this out. Prefect for relaxing, working, or meditating.
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Drum And Bass
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If you love piano music, SKY’s Solo Piano channel is for you. You will hear great pianists from different genres and popular artists such as George Winston, David Lanz, Herbie Hancock, John Tesh, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Billy Joel, Keith Emerson, Jim Brickman, Dave Grusin and many more.
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In traditional terrestrial radio, and other online radio stations, the trend is to focus on what the industry considers to be the current hits in country music.
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It was apparent from the material being released in the Smooth Jazz genre that most of the artists want to inject a little more energy from time to time and it was a shame to overlook these tracks because they don’t quite fit the mood of our more conventional smooth jazz service. The Uptempo Smooth Jazz channel is the answer to the problem.
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Roots Reggae features the best of classic and modern roots reggae. You can expect to hear nuff tunes from Culture, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Burning Spear, the Wailing Souls and "all of the standards" of the seventies and early eighties.
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As they say, the oldies are the goodies and SKY.fm is proud to bring you the Oldies channel.
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Put on your dancing shoes and turn the heat up and join us as we take you down to Latin America for some Salsa. SKY.fm style!!
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The Classical Guitar channel brings you quality tunes played by the traditional classical guitar. Also known as the spanish guitar, the classical guitar is usually played without amplification.
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DaTempo Lounge from Sky.fm offers you a diverse and exciting collection, ranging from bossa nova to downtempo, from classic jazz tunes to deep lounge beats.
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Soulful House
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Goa Psy Trance
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The Mostly Classical channel is our main relaxation channel, also branded as MostlyClassical.com. The idea behind it is to be able to relax to the channel without too many moody interruptions.
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No band has changed the course of music history as much as The Beatles, and SKY.fm is proud to present our very own Beatles Tribute Channel.
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Indie Rock is Sky's alternative rock station, providing listeners with music that flies under your standard rock channel's radar.
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Classic Rock from Sky.fm offers you a diverse and exciting collection of classic rock hits. You will hear rock hits from the late 60s all the way to the mid to late 80s.
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Piano Jazz is one of the many genres of jazz music. The piano is an integral part of jazz music since its inception and continues to this day.
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Covering a wide variety of alternative rock from the small college town bands to major artists such as REM and Matchbox Twenty. The collection is sure to please everyone so sit back and rock with us!!!
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The Christmas Channel here at SKY.fm is our seasonal treat honoring the spirit of the holidays.
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Welcome to Simply Soundtracks, your home for some smashing entertainment. Whether it be "Top Gun", "Pretty Woman", "Ghost", "Wizard Of Oz", "Singing In The Rain", "Grease", "Sound Of Music", or "Pirates Of The Caribbean", there is something here for you!
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Give us a few minutes of your time and you will like all of it. Listen for an hour or two and you'll find it very difficult to tear yourself away.
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Enjoy your stay here on the Contemporary Christian channel.
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Cotentin-webradio la webradio 100% hits dance,electro,club
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